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What can a disabled senior do when she is owed quite a few dollars from the taxi reimbursement plan and she is constantly told to "wait 6 weeks" when it has been 8 weeks or more. I need my money. If my ride doesn't show on time and they give me a taxi voucher that is not my fault but their fault and then they delay my reimbursement. What number do I call where I can speak to someone who knows the answer to my problem. Calling 877-337-2017 only gets me the same old thing, "wait 6 weeks."

I just recently broke my knee and am on crutches. I only need access a ride for about 8 weeks. When I called they said I had to go down, fill out the forms and wait approximately 21 days. This is ridiculous. There should be an emergency form for limited use.Also, I am a senior citizen,

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