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I think the question is whether: 1. the long promised TLC programs are finally starting & AAR doesn't need the trips these carriers provide; 2. their trips & will be distributed to the remaining carriers; or 3. AAR has contracted with cheaper carrier(s)? Now I doubt the TLC programs will roll out fast enough to replace the trips & wonder if the remaining carriers can adsorb the trips; so I guess it is number 3.

While I can empathize with anyone losing a job, I question 1181-1061 ATU's (which went on strike in 12/07) claim that their drivers are more experienced. I've never seen an AAR drive do anything other than load us, drive & unload us, have you? I'll admit they're better are securing chairs but I suspect the TLC programs drivers will also. If & when the TLC programs starts I doubt those drivers will be at a loss without the training AAR drivers receive.

I believe NYCT/MTA should take over AAR, like they did with franchise buses which became MTA bus. At present driver, carrier, Command Center & NYCT blame each other when there is a problem. Nor would there have been a strike in 2007 as NYS's Taylor Law prohibits MTA employees from striking. During that strike, NYCT said "this is a private labor dispute between the ATU and the carriers. NYCT is not a party to these negotiations"!

While I empathisize with the transit workers losing their job, I feel relief as a livery base owner that has been awarded a partnership in the program. The new managers are vending these contracts to small and minority owned livery bases. We are well prepared to deal with these types of passengers and we created more jobs. I hired 25 people just this week alone. I need more employees = more tax dollars for the city and state. We can do a better job than a big company, keeps the money local and helps the small businesses, which are the backbone of the economy! Thanks Mayor Bloomberg!

I have been working 4 Atlantic paratrans 4 10 years what the MTA did was kill me they took away my life,dreams everything so I tryed 2 regain them I went 2 another carrier they said 2 me heres a 10 hour shift go 2 work what they dident say was its not a 10 hour shift its a 6 hour shift how am I supose 2 live on 6 hours of work when the onwer of the company is making 100$ an 100$ an 100$ of $$$$$$$ a shift and only pay me 60 dollers 4 all that money i make them. Someone needs 2 take over the MTA that knows what there doing stop sub-contracing the work out to contractors and take over the work yourself [MTA] youll make all those billions 4 the MTA an not contractors help:help:help someone please who knows what their doing help us drivers.......

In these hard times, unions should not strike, because its hard to find a job these days.

TLC administered AAR? really come on. I dont consider a beat up 14 year old Lincoln town car a safe and reliable mode of transportation!

MTA is the richest state agency, spending billions of $ on subway extension, billions of dollars going to cozy contractors.

MTA collects millions of dollars from bridges and tunnels in revenue. Nobody questions where the money is going.

Access A Ride contractors employs dispatchers, mechanics, and drivers. Its not Standard Oil,ExxonMobile, or Haliburton.

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